Green Initiatives Foundation, Inc (GIF), is a Kansas not-for-profit corporation created to provide environmentally safe settings in which our children, our families and our community can live and grow.

GIF’s approach to this mission is through continuing education programs, public awareness and by creating a Children’s Wellness House that will serve families in our community whose children have been poisoned by household toxins and, therefore, need a temporary home while their home is undergoing toxin removal, abatement or improvement.

GIF is dedicated to the ongoing educational needs of our community to deliver information to our children and their parents regarding the toxins effecting our children. GIF will provide services related to the inspection, testing, assessment and abatement of hazardous toxins typically discovered in low income housing common in most communities.

GIF will create a foundation to assist those children of families who are in need of the necessary resources to fight the sickness and disease caused by environmentally hazardous materials common to most households.  GIF will establish a corporately-sponsored home, the Children’s Wellness House, where low income families reside while their homes, which caused the child’s illness, are abated and improved.